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Friday, September 9, 2011

Okay, so first you start out with a seven inch zipper.
 (That's just what fits me, but I think that's the smallest so...) 
 Okay so very first you you sew up the end of it. Make sure you sew up the side without the zipper puller thingy. (is there a name for that?)
Case you didn't notice this picture is blurry. But you it just shows what I sewed.

                          Then you sew the very end of the other side. (make sure it's nice and strong)
 Okay now for the fun part. So because the only seven inch zipper I had was brown, I painted it camo. I did the outline with a wet white colored pencil, it's pretty forgiving which makes it easy when you mess up. :)
                                           Then I painted it. It's just acrylic paint, nothin' fancy.
                                          So now you sew your button on. You do this by wrapping it around your wrist (pretty side facing in) and then marking where you want the button with your pencil. ( I didn't do that, but I just thought of it..:)...)
                                      that...That's where you'll sew it.
                                    Sew it on! Your button can be as big as you want it, no worries!
                         VIOLA!!  Attach it, and zip it up! You could trip the edges so they're not jagged, but                                                                                           personally I think it adds to its amazingness!
                                            Have fun ZIPPING!! I do 24/7!!
 Of course you can decorate it SO many different ways. I want to make a whole bunch, Me and my cousin made one, it was blue with polka dots....Maybe I'll get a picture from her....anyway!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ruffle Tank

My sister and I found the idea for this shirt, and together tweaked and designed it. She was my second opinion while making it, so you could call it the bond shirt. I like the way it turned out.
So basically I just loosely used the form of a tank top that I had, and then cut the front in two pieces so it's a button-up shirt. It's nice and loose and without the long sleeved cardigan good for summer.
It already ripped and I'm gonna have to fix it. Flimsy material and an impatient sewing job. I deserve it I guess.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Masking Tape Embellishment

You could make this lots cooler but this is what I came up with. Here's the how-to!

I put it on my closet door and then later put tape with other patterns between. You could do it anywhere....use your imagination!
Get some masking tape and lay it out somewhere. I used a bench. HINT: don't do it diagonally like I did!

Paint it white. (or any base color)
Then go crazy! Do what ever you want, and make it amazing! See my camera string?
The way mine turned out.
Then I separated it out along the door of my closet. Like I said you could do it anywhere, but my house has cinder block walls and so I just found a smooth surface.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Argentinian Handbag

I copied this bag off of one my sister got my sister while in Argentina. I used it more than she did, and it wore out. It was already pretty flimsy and wasn't really adequate for what I was using it for. So I studied it and decided I would make my own! What do you think?

I crocheted it with a white cotton yarn. I was just going to reline the first bag, with maybe another color, but since it was my sister's I thought what the heck! And remade my own. I stuck with the pink because I think it looks perfectly dainty, and just cute!

This is the old one. When I look at it in this picture I can hardly see a difference between the two, but my version is a great deal sturdier and I used like a cotton fabric instead of that chiffon stuff. I gave mine a stronger handle as well, and I'm surprised how sturdy it ended up.
Mine again.
I asked my sister (the owner of the original bag) to make me one of her famous little peoples. So she did, and I think it's really cute. It matches really nicely, and gives some excitement it would otherwise lack.
My favorite is the little flower one top of her head!
Now my sister says I need to doctor up the one I well.....trashed. Yay!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flowy Sleevy Shirt

This breezy shirt is perfect for summer, and gives excitement to your wardrobe. Get ready for a tutorial!
I made this shirt in a day and it was SO easy! It's made out of knit I bought while visiting in MN. I totally love the style and it's super comfy. You'll love it! Ready?

I used THIS T-shirt pattern off my sister's blog, for everything but the sleeves. That's what this post is for.

Okay so once you've made yourself a fancy t-shirt minus the sleeves, measure from the top of your shoulder to whatever length you want the sleeves to be.(I went about halfway between my elbow and the top of my shoulder) This will be the radius of your circle sleeve.
Now take you a piece of string and tie it to the tip of a pen or pencil. You can use a fabric pencil too, I guess, if you really want to. Using the same measurement you just took, cut the string, with a little extra for seam allowance, I would say, a fourth to a half inch.
Press the end of your string onto your fabric and do the circle thing shown above. You've all done this before right?
Once you have your circle, cut it out and fold it in half. Cut the fold so you have two half circles. To sew them on to your shirt, fold your semi circle in half again so you have a fourth of a circle. Starting where it is folded you will sew on the shoulder seam of your shirt. Sew the purple dotted lines together shown above. If you have excess fabric at the armpit, that's okay just so the two sides together. Okay! Now just hem it by folding it under a couple times. I sewed it twice around to give it a more professional look. Wow!! We're done! Hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, just ask! Good luck!

(Bytheway, for the bottom hem of my shirt I just let the
fabric roll like it naturally did, I didn't sew it)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just For Fun: Summer Jazz Up

So to give my room excitement, and because we are SO close to summer, I jazzed it up withe a tree branch. It's so easy to just go out and find a cool tree branch and then hang it up! I used screw-in hooks to kinda tangle it from the ceiling. (thanks to cinder block walls ugh) It's a good way to display photos, and I put sticky notes on it as kind of a bulletin board. Now I feel really...earthy! Not much of a project, but still fun, and cute! Good luck!

You can see I just tore pieces of fabric and tied them to the branch. I like the way they're wavy. Epic!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Frill Skirt

This is my first real post! This skirt I made in a day or so. And is it was super easy. I just had some gray knit on hand but I probably used about 1 1/2 yards and if y'all want a tutorial, it's SO available! Just ask! Sorry I only have the one photo :(